Vital statistics
Position Mentor; Leader of the Portuguese Brotherhood "Os Inexistentes"
Age Born November 30th of 1999 (so do the math)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
"theshadow237" is the creator of the Portuguese Assassin Brotherhood solely known as "Os Inexistentes". This Assassin's real identity is unknown, but he searches for brothers and sisters to join his ranks. Not much is known about theshadow237.

For those wondering, I am theshadow237, and in here i will speak of my story, and share my experience with you. This isn't fake. The Brotherhood is real. We are not killers. We are students, teachers, friends, brothers, sisters. We avoid taking lives. Fortunately, it hasn't yet been necessary.

Should you want to contact me, contact me on this wiki.