The Masquerade is an arc in which several Assassins have been trapt in the animus.

The PlotEdit

One day, several Assassins suddenly collapsed due to unknown reason. Each Assassin awoke to find themselves well dressed and wearing an animal mask while in different parts of a Victorian style mansion. They were then instructed not to speak or reveal who they were and to head toward a dinner by an unknown presence.

After they all reached the table, their host appeared to them wearing a centipede mask. He revealed the the mask were irremovable and that the guests would not be able to communicate through speech. After some time the Assassins were able to figure out a form of non-verbal communication similar to the manner in which animal communicate

Their thoughts were recorded throught he Hephaestus network. It has been dicovered that they Assassins are trapped in the Animus and program named entity is controling it.

Characters (Animals) InvolvedEdit

First Person Point of ViewsEdit


At the TableEdit

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The "man" in control

Outside the AnimusEdit

Sanguine (Before the incident)Edit



After the IncidentEdit

After the incident all of the Assassins woke up in the Compound (except for Pixie who was still in California). Many of the Assassins were shoocked and shaken by the ordeal and in varying degrees.

Official reportEdit

  • Arrow: physically weak, mentally distraught, not to be physically touched. Serious mental and physical therepy likely required.
  • Unspoken: still mentally distraught, fidgety, recovering decently well. Physical therepy recommended.
  • Pixie: physically weak. Bed rest until able, then physical rehabilitation.
  • Sanguine: mentally scarred and injured, physically weak, similar state to intense torture. Serious mental therepy likely required.
  • Kendra: visibly distraught, shaken, physically weak. Mental therepy likely required.
  • Arctic: physically weak, rocovering quickly. Physical rehbilitation recomended.