The Manhattan Den, also known as the New York Den or NYC Den, is a main location in the roleplay. If you are not familiar, a den is a place where Assassins can find refuge and train or meet up with others out of the public or enemy eye. 


This den is a sprawling underground complex that spans over a good portion of the city, however, most of it was destroyed in an attack a few years ago. The only remaining parts are a huge gym, a lounge and kitchen, and a good amount of rooms. 

There are several entrances/exits to the den, all of which are scattered around downtown Manhattan. The easiest ways to get into the den are through a sewer located in two different alleyways, or a subway door entrance. When you get to the bottom, there is a long tunnel that is guarded 24 hours by at least one recruit (they all take shifts). There are also hidden cameras and some entrances have a few traps just in case.

The Broken MazesEdit

A little known fact about the Manhattan den is that in its glory days, it was at least ten times as big as the renovated and now-used area. 

However, most of the den is now destroyed, only a shell of its former glory. Most of it is too broken to be fixed correctly, but mostly it's not repaired because it's not needed. One day, Mason and Jet hope to renovate it farther. 

Jet and Mason are the only known people to document the eight other exits and entrances in the Broken Mazes, but they reckon there's a lot more. There are no lights, only rubble, rats, and a few long-forgotten traps. It's a very dangerous place to explore, and Jet forbids recruits to go exploring in there. He always tells new people that a recruit once got curious and was never seen again in those tunnels, but nobody knows if Jet was telling the truth or just trying to scare them off. 

Den LeaderEdit

The current den leader of the Manhattan Den is Jet Akulov, but the den is co-owned by Mason, who technically founded it. Mason isn't there as often as Jet though since Jet trains recruits at this location. Sometimes Mentors and Master Assassins come around to the Manhattan Den to stay low for a bit, as it's a central location on the East Coast.