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Welcome to the The Hephaestus DatabaseEdit

This wiki is meant to be a resource for the roleplayers on /r/AssassinOrder and /r/AbstergoIndustries . This contains information about our characters, environments, story arcs, and serves as a collective, organized source for information regarding our subreddits.

Purpose of the Hephaestus DatabaseEdit



This is a completely OOR (Out-of-Roleplay) resource made for Assassins and Templars alike to stay up-to-date on the current happenings and situations on /r/AssassinOrder , /r/AbstergoIndustries and /r/ACFactions . From information on cities and their statuses to character profiles and mission synopsis, you will find any information you may need to know about our Assassin's Creed Roleplaying subreddits on this wikia.

If you find an article that has not been made up yet, feel free to make your own. However, keep in mind that this is for use as a resource for the roleplayers of the AC roleplay subreddits. If your article shows any form of these:

- Extreme lack of proper grammar

- Rule-breaking

- God modding/Mary Sue-ing

- False information placement

We will be forced to either edit or flat out delete your post. This Wikia is not meant to be a playground, nor is it meant for you to overpower your character or lie about events.

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