Storm Is a very silent person whose past is unknown. It is not known how he came to find the brotherhood even to himself due to amnesia. He is about 5'10" and 110lbs. He wears a black hoodie with a beaked hood pulled over his head most of the time. He has dusty blonde hair with a chiseled jaw, a scar reaching from his left temple to the right of his chin slicing through his left eye, the origin of the scar is unknown. He is troubled with nightmares which slowly reveal his past.

Known pastEdit

Not much is known with his past except for the fact that his parents were part of the order and where killed by Templars when he was young. The last thing known after that was that he woke up in the New York den with the scar on his face.

Ties with the BrotherhoodEdit

Storm has just begun his work with the Assassins in York about a month ago. He is now stationed in Exeter and has begun training, finding himself draw to a retractable spear.


Storm prefers to take the stealthy route instead of a head on one. Using small blades and other means of silent takedowns. He doesn't like the use of firearms, but can use one when he needs to.


He is an excellent climber, and great at being stealthy. He can fight when he has to and is great at archery. His firearm skills are alright, but can use work. He is currently training in Exeter.