Assassin Me

Pixie's rendition of Sky

This is the page for the Assassin Skyryder96


Affialiation: Assassins

Age: 17

Location: Enterprise, Alabama

Religion: Christian

Rank; Assassin 3rd Rank

Speciality: Marksman

Ancestor: Native American Sharpshooter known as Running Wolf/Jebediah Bradley

PoE Held: Staff of Rejuvination

Condition: Retired


  • Leads a den in Enterprise, Alabama
  • Has taken austin99 under his wing as a student
  • Uncle is a Templar leader
  • Has visions of the future
  • Has Eagle Vision


Born to a normal middle class family in Enterprise, Alabama. Templar broke in his house at age 1. Started having visions of the future at a young age. Abstergo provided medicine to suppress these visions. Had a normal childhood until March 1, 2007. E4 tornado hit his town destroying his school and the high school. Was perfect cover for Templar to release a chemical attack on the city. Injured his mother. Then-President George W. Bush came to his town and ever since then, there has been a large Templar influence there. 

Templars started causing problems, so he decided to contact the Assassins. Afterwards he attacked the problems at the branches. Templars retailiated, attacking him and then his religion. Templars implanted agents and forced him out of his own church. He eventually found another one. He joined Army JROTC and learned valuable skills throughout t. During this same time period, he learned kickboxing, military tactics, and refined his shooting.

After his first mission with Pboy, he found a PoE and when he touched it, he had a vision of his ancestor. Through this vision, Eagle Vision was granted to him. He kpt the PoE and has it to tis day. When he arrived home, he learned more about his ancestor, but still has not gone into an animus to relive the memories.

Has gone on many missions since then and recruited a few Assassins to the cause. Has mainly trained Assassins at his den in Alabama. But on his mission to Vryheid, he was sniping when a Templar managed to get past austin and shot him in the leg. He quickly killed him afterwards.

After Vryheid, he took it easy and trained many students in the time being. But after a few months, he went missing. He later showed up weeks later on his den's doorstep within an inch of his life. He was put in the Animus for his fellow brothers and sisters to see his memories and figure out what happened.

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