Moqueur Puissant (1986-Present) is a French Assassin and member of the hacker group Anonymous. He resides in Versailles,France.


In 1986,Moqueur was born to a middle class family in Paris who shall not be named. All we know about his family is that his father and brother were assassins. In 1999, Moqueur moved with his mother to Versailles. His mother only did that since she knew that if they stayed with the others,they will get killed by Templars.

Experience of the French ArmyEdit

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In late 2006,Moqueur met a strange man with a Guy Fawkes mask at his doorstep. The man said that he wanted to speak with Moqueur. The man claimed that he was part of Anonymous,a hacking group that inspired Erudito. Moqueur asked why the man was saying this and he replied with two words: Join Anonymous. Mouqueur accepted since he knew that this would get him some good reputation.