Malik Clark, otherwise known as "Danger", is an active member of the Assassin Order.

Due to the extensive training and sniper expertise he acquired in the Special Forces, he is a valuable asset to the Assassins.


Malik had a very decent childhood while growing up. Raised in Albany, New York solely by his adoptive mother, Jasmine Clark, Malik was raised alongside his sister, Milana, and lived fairly well due to his mother's two-job schedule. During the times that his mother worked, Malik and Milana would be sent to his aunt's home across the city, where they would play and explore the nearby woodland areas, climbing trees and hiking up rocky terrain.

Malik did well in school, making high marks in all of his subjects. In high school, he was part of the JROTC program, and became battalion commander at his high school.

With the absence of a father figure in his life and expectations put on him as the only male in the household, Malik quickly adopted the role as the man of the house. At 17, Malik signed up to join the Marines and, at 18, was sent for basic training.

Experience in the Marine Corps Special ForcesEdit



After the Marine CorpsEdit

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Joining the AssassinsEdit

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Physical AttributesEdit

Malik has strong ties with his African descent, with bits of Arabian and Egyptian blood in him. His skin is a dark brown, his hair is black, and his eyes, despite his heritage, are a striking baby blue color.

Malik keeps himself in tip-top shape, taking an hour for an insanity workout every day in the morning when he gets the chance.


It is hard to find Malik in anything other than an UnderArmour tee and basketball shorts. Running shoes, a waterproof wrist watch, and his dog tags are the only things he never takes off, though it's very common to see him doing his exercises or his meditation without a shirt on.

Personality and QuirksEdit


Malik, in short, is a very calm and very accepting man.

Rarely ever one to lose his cool, the man can rarely be found with a frown or a troubled expression. Because of his Buddhistic lifestyle and his peaceful, indiscriminant upbringing, he is very kind toward others and treats others with the same respect, no matter what race, nationality, sex, or orientation. In addition, he is also a very trusting person.


Because of some events in his past and his own reasoning, Malik rarely ever speaks in contractions.

If he is subjected to gore up-close, Malik goes into a blind rage. For this reason, he is uneasy around blood.