The Templar Knight Nathanael was corrupted by the Shroud, and travled to London after the bombings to "clense" the city.

London Experiments with Pieces of EdenEdit

In January, pboy1232 brought a staff shaped PoE to England to conduct a combined power experiment with their artifacts. The experiment also included the Imperial Ring discovered by WolfKingAdam.

The first experiment was to see what kind of power the  They decided to do something basic. To test the power of their two artifacts combined, they planted a thought in the people of London to wear yellow the next day.

The experiment proved to be succesful, and the combined power was taken down and noted.

Kings Cross StationEdit

After being given clues by the temple in England, syo2012 and WolfKingAdam decided to look for secret stuff at Kings Cross Station. Inside they found the skelton of a dead man, books and animal bones. They also found a Torc with some First Civ elements to it. This was later used as a lever to the England temple.