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Jon Connington

Jon Connington
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First VP of Marketing at Abstergo Industries
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Jon Connington was born to an unassuming life in Henderson Nevada. His mother was a Dental Hygenist and his father was a Librarian. Upon turning 19 he enlisted with the US Army and served with distinction in the First Gulf War as an Army Ranger. After being discharged he attended New York University where he got a Bachelor in Corporate Communication. After that he worked at the Hanso Foundation's New York office before moving to Kord Omniversal where he served as Chairman of the Board.

He returned to NYU in 2005 where he got a degree in Corporate Law. In 2011 he met Alan Rikkin, CEO of Abstergo and Grandmaster of the Templar Order. Alan inspired Jon and the two became friends. He joined Abstergo Industries on Project Legacy before it was shutdown in 2012. He is currently VP of Marketing for Abstergo Industries in NYC where he lives with his wife Alana. His connection to the Templars is unknown though he is fiercely loyal to Abstergo and the Templar ideals which it puts forth. It could be that he knows about the Templars and their goals and agrees or perhaps he knows and just does not care. 


Jon Connington employs a small network of operatives in his professional life at Abstergo Industries. First there is the imposing Jericho Druke, Jon's chaffeur, bodyguard and hired gun as well as the information broker codenamed Burbank