Holly Peterson

Holly is a chipper Assassin from Houston, TX.

She specializes in wetwork and assassination.

Before ContactEdit

Before she contacted the Order on the Hephaestus Network, she helped her two fathers on their farm in Houston, their small ranch house serving as a safehouse for traveling Assassins and their allies.

About a month or two before her first contact, Abstergo-tagged agents started to snoop around her property, ask their neighbors about them, and even went so far as to try and sneak into their house for evidence on Assassin harboring (two of the three men which Holly shot down in self-defense).

After ContactEdit

After achieving successful contact with the Assassins on the Network, one of the Order's mentors, Sanguine, went down to Texas personally (as it was his home state and he had planned to go down back to his home anyway) to drill Holly on her knowledge and skills, escorted by Malik (whom tested her on her gun knowledge and accuracy with pistols and rifles), Kendra, and Lucas (whom drilled her on her cooking and mechanic skills).

During this process, they recieved a distress call from an Assassin in Florida known as Saber. After much deliberation, Holly was sent with another Mentor and Kendra to come to the aid of the man.


Holly is a caucasian female with greenish-gold eyes and strawberry blonde hair. She has a small amount of pale freckles all over her body.

Her normal wear consists of white tank tops, flannel shirts,and daisy dukes. Converse and Nocoma cowboy boots are her usual footwear choices, though in rare occasions she will prefer to wear flip flops. She wears a wristwatch and a gold chain with a gold diamond ring on it.


Holly is an overly positive, spiritual, hardworking person. Rarely does anything ever bring her down from her nearly permanent good mood. Some might also say that her happiness is contagious, as it usually finds itself seeping into the people around her.