an approximation of eve's appearance.

Eveline A. Fenmuir is a 25 year old hailing from Northern Colorado, although she has traveled around the country as a vagabond and has ended up in California.

She keeps a red-tailed hawk named Merah.

At 16 she applied for emancipation of minor, which was granted. She dropped off the grid after that and found herself living out of a dilapidated backpack, hitch hiking and doing odd jobs around the western end of the US.

Merah & Eve's falconry

Merah is a 4-year-old rescued red tailed hawk. She is minimally trained, but will land when called and will, for the most part, hunt and fly to Eve's commands. She is in need of some retraining and has a tendency to fly farther than Eve can see her, though she hasn't disappeared yet!
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