The former head of Abstergo in Minnepolis, the now retired Master Templar Elliot DaBakkle spends most of his time on his estate outside of the city. The father of the now deceased Nathanel DaBakkle, Elliot enjoys the life of luxery his former job provides him.

The Great PurgeEdit

Elliot's involvement in the Great Purge, mainly consited of gathering an retreiving intel on assassin dens throughout Minnesota. After retreiving intel he would send out strike teams to the dens. He himself lead on strike team to a small den in central Minnesota on the outskirts of Fergus Falls. The Great Purge, was an overall success in Minnesota clearing out many of the assassins in the region.


Elliot, is grandfather to a young boy of three years old. Carter DaBakkle is the son of Nathanael and his first fiance Jenny Dodgers. Now that his son has been KIA, Elliot has taken custody of his grandson and brought him to live in Minnestoa.