Subject: Cry

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 219

Sex: Male

Eye Colour: Blur

Hair: Brown

Features: Infamous Norwegian-American streetfighter with unknown ancestry. Currently located in NY.

Cry's History

Cry was born to an American father and Norwegian mother in Norway. At age 8 his father taught him basic fighting skills. As he progressed his father decided to teach him free-running. He progressed fast as he grew older. He joined in a parkour/free-running competition an placed 2nd at age 17. He then graduated from school and moved to Russia and work as a weaponsmith's apprentice. His life began to move even faster as he moved to America.

Once he reached America he traveled, doing nothing but petty crimes. Also becoming a well known streetfighter, his infamy grew. He was 23 when he got his first interest in the Brotherhood. He was introduced by a man named Christopher Glock. He taught him hand and weapon combat skills untill he turned 24 he was then dumped in Colorado.


Cry recently met a merchant named Roach. Roach agreed to let Cry stay at his uptown apartment and use weapons from his stash in an underground storage centre and shoppe. Little is known about Roach except his Jamaican past. He has recently been kidnapped by what we believe to be Templar agents.